Shelby C - Helias Senior - Jefferson City, MO Senior Photographer

A few weeks ago I got the privledge of photographing one of the funnest senior girls I’ve met! Shelby is a senior at Helias High School here in good ol’ Jefferson City, MO. When I first met Shelby, I asked her what it was that she loved about the images she had seen. Her mom had previously mentioned that Shelby loved my photography so seeing as how there are quite a few senior photographers in Jefferson City, I was curious what it was that caused me to stand out. Apparently, she is a fan of the more natural/editorial look that I aim for. Plus she loves flare! Hearing this made me like her instantly! She had asked for a mix of editorial type images so my gears started turning as I drove around scouting locations for the shoot.

I met up with Shelby and her mom in downtown Jefferson City where we walked a block or two looking for some awesome locations to shoot; close to where I had scouted prior to the session. We ended up finding this area around the Cole County Museum that was downright freaking incredible! Shelby was straight up awesome because she was up for anything! At one point we were standing behind the Cole County Museum, and I was staring a metal staircase behind an old building about a hundred yards away. I hadn’t mentioned anything, when Shelby said she was really feeling those stairs! I love photographing people who think like I do!!!

We wrapped up downtown and headed out to Binder for a change in scenery. Shelby was hoping to get a shot with some FLARE, but on the way out, the whole sky in the west had turned grey as the clouds rolled in. The whole time we shot at Binder, the sun never once peeked out. Total bummer… We may not have gotten the flare shot that we both wanted but Binder has plenty of places to get some other amazing images so we made due!

Shelby, you are amazing! Thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph your senior portraits. It was definitely a blast! Best of luck to you!


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