Payton B - Blair Oaks Senior - Jefferson City, MO Senior Photogrpaher


I have another senior session for y’all to check out! This one comes from Payton – a Blair Oaks senior. Payton and her mom found a few great locations around downtown Jefferson City for Payton’s portraits so we hopped from spot to spot goofing around and shooting. Well, the goofing was probably more me than anything else! Ask anyone who has worked with me, and I’m sure they can assure you that I’m a little on the goofy side. It’s all good though – I am MUCH cooler in real life! There are certain things I’ll do for my clients to try to get a natural, relaxed expression, and if that requires me to make a fool of myself, I most certainly will!

Anyhoo… Payton, thank you so much for choosing Blue Photos for your senior portraits! I had a blast working with ya!

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