Marisa H - South Callaway Senior - Jefferson City, MO Senior Photographer

South Callaway. Not sure what to say… I spent six and half years of my life trapped here until I was released in May of 2003. Last week I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to photograph another victim senior of this institution. Okay, okay – so maybe it really wasn’t THAT bad! Talking with Marisa during our consultation made me feel old. It’s only been nine years since I graduated, but it was kinda cool to hear about which of my favorite teachers are still there as well as those who have retired. I guess more than anything, I think it’s neat to be able to photograph someone from my own school. Holla, you crazy river rats!

Marisa chose to start her senior session at the Governor’s Garden in downtown Jefferson City, MO. One of the fun parts about this senior session is that her little cousin was on hand for some amusement as well as some photos. In addition, Marisa was like the last senior I photographed in that she was willing to try most anything I asked; no matter how crazy the idea seemed. I love people like this! I had a wild urge to photograph her on an old rooftop, but getting her up their on those rotted, wooden shingles was a little sketchy so that idea got scrapped. I gotta say though, it wasn’t really for a lack of her trying! (Now if I can just remember to bring a ladder next time, I can get the shot I had in mind. Hmmm…)

As the sun was setting, we rushed to another location to grab a few more photos before I got the idea to head into a nearby parking garage. When there is no more sunlight and you don’t use flash, the next best thing is to find locations that provide enough light to keep shooting. We headed into the parking garage and captured a pretty cool shot that you’ll see below. This may not have been Marisa’s style, per say, but she rocked it anyway!


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