Jake - Jefferson City, MO Senior Photographer


We had talked about shooting Jake’s senior pictures for a few months and decided at the last minute to shoot it this weekend since I was going to be in the area. We started out shooting a little before 10:00 am to work with Jake’s work schedule. I typically prefer to shoot late in the afternoon about an hour before sunset to get the softest light and the warm glow of the setting sun, but in this case I had to work with window of time we had.

We began shooting by a train in Pacific, MO that had graffiti on the sides of the cars. Jake is big on graphic design so he wanted to a lot of color and designs in his pictures. The train was the perfect location to start! We shot on the ground next to the cars for a bit and decided to hop on top of the cars. Let’s just say that was my first experience climbing on a train! When we were setting up for a new shot I realized we needed to be four or five cars up. We had two options: climb down, walk to the car we needed on and climb up or just jump from car to car until we got were we needed. We went for the latter! Now, this wasn’t a huge gap to jump, but doing it with all my equipment was a little nerve racking, hoping I wouldn’t fall and break something. Of course with my mad ninja skills I had no problems! We hit a few more locations around Pacific and called it a day so Jake could get to work.

Gotta say, with the harsh sunlight I was a little concerned about bad shadows, but looking through all the photos after the shoot, my worries were no more. I’m totally thrilled with how these photos turned out and I hope you feel the same!

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