Steeves Outdoor Wedding - Fulton, MO Wedding Photographer

Rachel smiled nearly non-stop.  That's how I remember her that day.  In all the wedding's I've photographed, I don't know that I've ever seen a bride look so happy as I did when Shane and Rachel were married.

They opted for an outdoor wedding and Rachel's parent's home outside of Fulton, MO and the weather forecast leading up to their ceremony was calling for rain.  And rain it did.  Literally, almost all the way to start of the ceremony.  Thankfully, they rented a few large tents and kept everything close to home, but as the ceremony got underway, the rain stopped.  Rachel was escorted down the aisle to Shane where he was waiting on with his groomsmen and minister, which just so happened to be his dad! 

Since the rain was gone, the whole wedding party went out to a nearby field for photos, but I still don't think anybody could believe how the rain just disappeared for the wedding.  

Remember how I said that Rachel smiled non-stop?  Well, Shane was right there with her in that department.  These two made for some of the easiest wedding portraits ever.  No joke.  Just look above, and see for yourself!

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