An Outdoor Engagement Session - Jefferson City, MO Wedding Photographer


Probably the hardest part of running a photography business is not the photography itself; it’s getting your name out there so people can find you. My good buddy, Terry, mentioned me to Megan when she was looking for a photographer to do her and Nathan’s engagement photos. We’ve all known each other pretty much since middle school, but none-the-less, not many know of what I do. I ran into Megan at a business expo shortly after she spoke to Terry and we discussed her session. Later on, a date was set was set to get this session rollin’!

I met with Megan and Nathan at my favorite outdoor location (if you follow me enough you should know exactly where I’m talking about!) and we got started. We decided to walk the trails in the woods and found a few cool spots to photograph. We spent the rest of our daylight going to different locations, and honestly, I could not be happier with the results! Megan and Nathan were incredibly easy to work with and when I am able mesh with a couple, we are pretty well guaranteed to get the results that you are about to see. I hope you like! 

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