A Wedding at the Governor's Garden in Jefferson City, MO

This past Friday I got the opportunity to photograph my cousin Amy’s wedding at the beautiful Governor’s Garden in Jefferson City, MO! Rain poured down earlier in the day causing me to think that the ceremony would be moved to the backup location, but luckily the rain held off. Then the sun came out from behind the clouds right before the wedding; making it nice (sarcasm)and humid. I luuurrrvvvv Missouri’s unpredictable weather (more sarcasm!)! Despite the heat and humidity the small, personal ceremony went off without a hitch and turned out very nice.

Following the ceremony everyone headed to Meadow Lake Acres Country Club in New Bloomfield, MO for the reception. This was another first for me as I’ve never been to this country club. The club had more of a laid back, relaxed feel with amazing staff that made this a great place for the reception. Although, I was behind my camera most of the night, I had a really good time. Amy had hired Around the Clock Mobile DJ to provide the music for the reception. I can honestly say that this is probably one of the best DJ’s I’ve come across in this area so if you’re needing a awesome DJ, there you have it!

Amy and Bryan, congrats on your amazing wedding! Oh and, Bryan, welcome to the family!


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