I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love intimate, family-oriented weddings!  

When I first spoke to Amy about her wedding, she informed me that: 1) it was going to be a relatively small wedding taking place at Orr Street Studios in Columbia, MO and 2) Amy's two kids would be in the wedding party.  As a parent who married after his kids were born, it's awesome to see others whos kids stand by them as they make the commitment to unite as a single family.  

What I find so great about weddings like this is that the focus is not on all the small details; rather, the focus is placed directly on the family itself and the connections within.  In the early stages of my business I spent a  lot of time trying to figure out what was popular in the wedding photography genre.  However, what I've come to understand, is that personal connections can sometime get overlooked a bit when the Pinterest ideas start getting thrown in the mix.  The details are pretty, but family is what matters most!

The great thing about getting the opportunity to work with Amy is that she wasn't concerned with me photographing the material details .  Sure, there was a certain amount of d├ęcor thrown in here and there that I captured a few photos of, but Amy's goal was to focus on her family and guests first and foremost.  This I can truly appreciate it!

A few kind words from the bride:

"After receiving quotes from many local photographers, we were so pleased to find Brooks at Blue Photos. I was a little concerned at first just because his quote was so reasonable, but his services were outstanding! He arrived early and was very professional. He was all over the place, getting excellent shots, but no one even noticed. We just received our wedding photos and they are beautiful! I highly recommend Blue Photos."

Sax Wedding at Orr Street Studios

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