Matt & Tiffany's Engagement Session - Fulton, MO Photographer

I got to photograph Matt and Tiffany’s engagement session in good ol’ Fulton, MO this past fall. If you are good and putting two and two together, you’re probably assuming that they are getting married in a few weeks. If that is true, then give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back – you are correct! Matt and Tiffany are gettin’ hitched June 29th in Fulton. This will be my first time shooting at the St. Mary’s church and I’m stoked! But I digress… Like I mentioned Matt and Tiffany had their engagement session in Fulton. Matt brought his little motorcycle for the shoot so we were able to get some shots of him and Tiffany looking adorable with the fall leaves surrounding them. Being the hillbilly that Matt is, he decided that he’d like to get some shots of him and Tiffany with their bows. I was really surprised that Matt was actually able to buy arrows for his bow that don’t have little suction cups on the tips. (For those of you who have read my “Who Am I?” page, you will have noticed I’m a “little” sarcastic – this is doubly true if I like you. Therefore, Matt, don’t get upset about me joking about your cute little bike or your child’s bow and arrows – you’re still a man’s man in my book! However, you’ll only keep that status if you fulfill your end of the deal when it comes to your wedding day. Hey, hey, hey! Sorry, Tiff, but history will be made!) I really hope y’all enjoy these images from Matt and Tiffany’s engagement session. Peace out, peeps!

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