Caleb & Cara's Outdoor Engagement Session - Jefferson City, MO Wedding Photographer


I got to photograph an engagement session for my cousin Caleb and his fiancee, Cara, a little while back at Runge Nature Center in Jefferson City. (Gotta say, I really love that place!) Their engagement session was probably one of the most carefree sessions I think I’ve done. And by carefree, I mean that it was fairly difficult to get the more serious images that most people expect from an engagement session, but ya know what? I’m completely okay with that! I’ve seen a lot of photographers who have a unique look; whether it be serious/romantic or quirky or just completely chilled. I always have ideas that I may like to try, but when it comes to the actual session, quite a few ideas go out the window because what it all boils down to is what the couple’s personality and relationship is like. Some people are the more serious/romantic type, others are fun and quirky, some are completely relaxed and so on. So what this means is that my job is not to necessarily capture what I have come up with, but to capture what it is that makes a couple unique. This challenge is what gives me joy and excitement. It’s what keeps photography fresh for me so I don’t just start to become some cookie-cutter photo factory. Caleb and Cara were a great deal of fun to be around; with all their goofing around with each other (and Cara making fun of my trademark grass clumps. Remember that Cara?) I had worried a little at first that I may not have gotten anything other than a bunch of photos of the two laughing or making weird faces and gestures, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to a pretty good group that I am very happy to show off! So without further delay… Peace out!

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