Bishop Wedding - Russellville, MO Wedding Photographer

One of the coolest things with photographing weddings is watching the two families become one.  Mike and Kim were married in a little old church in Russellville, MO and opted to have their kids take part in the ceremony.  Kim was walked down the aisle by the boys and given away to Mike in front of all their friends and family. 

During the ceremony Mike, Kim and their kids  took turns pouring the sand in the unity candle.  If you've seen this before you'll know that it's typically just the bride and groom who pour the sand.  In this case, it was more meaningful to have everyone participate.  Very cool indeed!

After receiving their guests, everyone headed back into town for the dinner and dancing.  I gotta say, I don't think I've ever seen so many kids gettin' down on the dancefloor. 

With being a winter wedding, the weather turned a little nasty with freezing rain forcing the party to be cut a little short so everyone could get home safely.  Before leaving though, Mike and Kim braved the cold for a few portraits, which I'm very grateful for!

Enjoy the photos!

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